Common Hail Repair Questions & Answers

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), is a repair process that involves the removal of hail dents and other types of surface damage from a vehicles exterior surface panel without damaging the factory finish.

PDR can be used to repair hail damage and minor dents and dings. The goal of PDR is to repair the surface without needing to replace paint or metals.

No, hail storms are considered a catastrophic event or an act of nature and are covered under Catastrophe Coverage. This type of damage is covered under your comprehensive coverage.

No. You can take your vehicle to any repair shop that you choose. Insurance companies can no longer force or “steer” you to one shop or the another. It is your choice to make, however, make sure that you do your due diligence when shopping around for repair shops.

While we can give you accurate & informed information over the phone, we will need to see the car or truck in order to make/give a proper estimate. Pictures help but don’t accurately give the full details. You can book a free estimate session on our website here.


We understand that your life is busy and hectic, it is our pledge to you that we will provide you with a free rental vehicle! We will even meet you at Enterprise.

PDR is covered under your comprehensive insurance policy. There aren’t generally any out of pocket expenses including not paying a deductible. For hail damage that isn’t covered by an insurance policy call to request a Free Estimate.

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Yes. We are locally owned and operated. Our headquarters is in Carrollton, Texas and we aren’t going anywhere. We’d love for you stop by sometime and say howdy!

No. Your factory paint is safe and protected using PDR for hail repair. This will help maintain the value of your vehicle and reduce cost.

No. A hail repair claim will not cause your insurance rates to increase. Hail damage is covered under comprehensive auto insurance and it is considered an “Act of God.” This means that it is something that you had no control over and you are not held responsible for the hail damage to your vehicle.

Absolutely. According to the terms of your lease agreement, you are responsible for damage done to the car. Taking your leased car back with hail damage or dents will result in you being charged dealer prices for the cost of repairs. This can be very expensive depending on the damage. Give us a call today to for a Free Estimate of damage and to explore repair your options.

It involves using specialized tools and techniques to apply pressure to the underside of the panel to remove surface imperfections. This method is done by using special tools designed specifically for PDR. Damage may also be repaired by using a glue tab on the exterior of the car and pulling the dents from the topside with specialized tools.

Generally, PDR shops have a team of dedicated staff that are specialized in the PDR process. There isn’t an industry standard on certifications at the moment. Ideally, experienced staff at reputable shops are the best to trust your vehicle care to.

The insurance industry standard practice is to place a “prior damage restriction” on your vehicle. This is important because it could lead to future claims being denied because the previous damage was not fixed.

Yes and No. Yes, you do need to get the inspection at their preferred shop but ONLY the inspection is required. Once you have the estimate in hand you are free to choose any shop for the actual repairs.

Generally, hail repair/PDR is done in the same week.

Generally, most dent and dings can be repaired with PDR. Some just require more effort than others. Deeper dents can be problematic but we have great success with working on those. We’re more than happy to take a look at your car. Have a look at our Appointments page and sign up for a Free Estimate.

The main benefit of using PDR for hail repair damage over conventional bodywork is the retention of vehicle value. By using PDR methods your factory paint is not damaged or replaced. There are also huge time savings and lower cost because we don’t need to order replacement parts.

We strive for 100% satisfaction with all the people that we work with. Our guiding principles are:

• Open and Honest about the work to be performed
• Complete the repairs in a timely fashion
• Provide professional work
• Provide great customer service and excellent customer experiences

Have a look at our Testimonials page and Google Reviewsto see our satisfied customers.

As a North Dallas company, we service the entire Dallas – Fort Worth Metro area. This includes all the surrounding cities as well. For a complete list of cities we service, take a look at our locations page or give us a call.

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Absolutely. PDR services help retain the value of your vehicle by maintaining the factory paint and doesn’t require replacement parts.

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